Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hotter Than Hell

Ugh, summer. I'm really not dealing well with this heat. It's such a love/hate thing with me and this season. I hate feeling hot, I get sunburnt easily, work is always super busy. I hate the beach. Well, I hate sand, but love swimming in the ocean, but I think that might just be a by-product of growing up in a beach town and not having a swimming pool. I hate summer clothes, open toed shoes, and having the sun stream in my windows before 5am. I like hot tea, cardigans, wooly scarves, and not having to use the air conditioning.

BUT! Most of my favourite memories are from summers. Hanging out with my family at Christmas, road trips, and lazy afternoons with friends.
And of course there was that one year where, thanks to spending a whole season in another hemisphere, I managed to experience three summers in one year. Wonderful memories, but I didn't get to wear a single coat all year!

I've finally got a day off to do some major catching up on my to-do list (which is more like a book full of post-it notes). It's already 4.30 in the afternoon and I've barely touched it. I should probably prioritise with some of the things that are on that list of resolutions. I think some epic long overdue emailing, cutting out some colours and packing should be the most productive way to spend the rest of this afternoon. And drinking more water, of course.

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