Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give It Up

My fridge is a hand-me-down from my parents. And I think they got it second hand. It's really quite hideous, but it works fine (except for the cheese compartment.. don't put cheese in there unless you want it melted). Oh, and it only has one shelf, so everything is kind of balanced really dangerously and things tend to fling themselves out whenever you open the door. But, whatever. It is totally rusted up and ugly, so Dad suggested I paint it if I wanted to pass as a respectable adult in front of company. Instead, I decided it would be more appropriate to turn my fridge into a six foot collage. After nearly two years, it's gained a few layers as pictures get taken, postcards are received, and funny notes found. I don't know if I'm going to be able to deal with a nice new fridge when this one finally dies. Although it would be nice to not have to balance a plate on a milk carton.


I love having my "weekend" midweek. Yeah, it sucks not being able to hang out with friends and family, and I usually hate my neighbours for being loud (i.e. having fun) on a Saturday night because I need to be up early the next morning. But I just love how quiet everything is midweek. Usually there's no annoying children (although it's school holidays at the moment), the lines at the grocery shop are short, and the cafes are easy to relax in.

Although it hasn't been too bad today, the heat in Brisbane over the last few days has been unbearable. Luckily I was at work where the AC seems to be on Arctic temperatures year round. So when I got dressed this morning I realised that something was missing. My neck was bare. I'd been accessorising with scarves and all of a sudden (and I really do mean all of a sudden.. this time last week I was wearing a coat) I had to find something else to dress the t-shirt with. I found this cute little necklace that my awesome friend Lisa sent me a while ago. She lives in Sydney and always sends me the cutest, quirkiest little things. She's a gem.

I had the most amazing breakfast... eggs benedict. And I treated myself to an iced mocha. Because it was too hot for a flat white. Not because I wanted to ingest my morning caffeine in milkshake form. Not at all.

I went and hit up the local Lifeline shop for some more summer reads. I picked up a cute little skirt that I really shouldn't have, but it'll have a nice outing next week so I can feel less guilty about buying clothes I don't need.

When I picked up my groceries I was just out the door and had already paid when I spied some lavender plants for sale. I have always loved lavender. Well, not always. There was a time in my life where I'd only smelled that fake lavender scent that you find in cheap soaps. But once I smelled the real deal, I was able to forget about the cheap crap. And the flowers are purple! I frikkin love purple! I never thought I'd be able to grow it. I just assumed it was something that only grew in English country gardens, not subtropical verandahs. Turns out lavender loves full sun (unlike myself), so as long as I protect it from the scary summer storms (it doesn't like being too wet) it should thrive.

I totally promise to take better care of it than my poor chilli plant. Which might have to have a bin funeral soon.

In fact, this is the only plant I've ever managed to keep alive. A cactus that I've had longer than I can remember.

I don't know why I'm so bad at keeping plants alive. My Mum is an excellent gardener, but not so great at cooking (her own words, I think she's rad). I like to think I'm a fairly competent cook (I can at least follow a recipe), so maybe that explains my plant killing. You can only have one homebody superpower.

Neither of us can sew.


It's getting hot out there. Which means sitting on the verandah with a book trying to catch the slightest breeze. If only I had discipline. I'm anywhere between two pages to halfway into all these books :(

Make Me Lose Control

What to do with all the pretty vintage dresses that I buy online but don't fit me? Use them to cover my ugly blinds, that's what.


Time for a change up. As much as I loved the random neon colours, it was impossible to read and did look a bit crap. One day I'll have the time and energy to design a proper blog that's totally me, but for now we'll just stick with a good old tried and tested template. Word!


The Denial Twist

I'm Lonely

Halloween Parade

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Back to work today after a far too short "weekend". Yesterday was a bit of a kid-adult day. Spent about 20 minutes too long in the shower because the water droplets were sitting on my arm in the most dinosaur skin like fashion. Roared around in my shower like a child. Felt guilty for about three seconds, but then realised I was an adult and I was the one paying the bills, so I could stay in the shower for as long as I wanted (water restrictions be damned!).

I decided that because I'm an adult I'm allowed to have whatever I want for breakfast.

So I went with the breakfast of champions.

For lunch I went with the child friendly mac & cheese with a beer on the side. It was, after all, my Sunday afternoon. My local supermarket (or, god forbid, the manufacturer) has discontinued the dinosaur mac & cheese that is my hangover friend and its quite distressing. Regular mac & cheese just doesn't taste the same.

I really need to go to bed, but have some baking to do for tomorrow. 11pm on a Thursday night means that Betty comes to the rescue.

I'm planning a super dooper Halloween party (already) and I am sooo excited. I've already got my costume sorted and I get to spend a month looking at decorations and recipes. I needed something to keep me busy now that stupid exhibition is finished.