Monday, October 31, 2011

Horror Movie

Happy Halloween!

The creation of ice hands.

Getting into the spooky mood.

Not actually Halloween decorations. Just my usual decor.

Welcome to the party...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shake It Up

What a great couple of weeks. It's gone far too quickly, like I knew it would, and it's back to work tomorrow.

I had a fantastic time in Melbourne helping to celebrate my friend Amy's birthday. I think we figured out that it had been about ten years since we'd actually seen each other, but it was amazing that with all that time that had passed it still seemed like I'd only seen her yesterday. (I guess facebook helps :)

It was all junkfood, no sleep, musicals, laneways, birthdays, cider, fondue, mulled wine, coffee, old friends, shopping, engagements, Chinese food, champagne, dancing, pyjamas, AM radio, MTV, giant bread, awesomeness.

One of the many rest stops. Lisa's checking out the amazing wall of doors that I became obsessed with. The letterbox might have also inspired a certain sleep-deprived person to write a letter on a napkin.

Lucha libre roller derby. What more can I say?


Pyjamas, bad food, really bad TV... possibly the best way to spend a birthday.

Oh, sorry, the best way to spend your birthday is chatting to hilarious drunk middle aged women in the rain after an awesome night of Chinese food and dancing.


View from upstairs at mag nation.

I bought some hideously tacky candles to put on Amy's birthday cake, but I think due to the sugar coma, the cake didn't end up getting made. So yesterday I thought it would only be appropriate to whip up some red velvets in honour of the wonderful birthday girl.

Tacky candles mandatory.

And you'll notice that all my pictures are extremely crap and taken on my phone. I had great intentions of taking my good camera, but just found more important things to fill my bag with. I also ordered this super cute juicebox camera to take with me, but only received it this morning in the mail.

It's so cute, though, I don't mind that it came late. I can't wait to start using it.

I also got some other awesome mail from my wonderful friend Kye, who shares my dinosaur obsession.

Yes, that is what she drew on the envelope. I wish I was her.

I could not be more excited to make this. It's come with a suggestion to paint it orange and black in honour of Halloween, but I have this urge to see a velociraptor covered in silver glitter, so we'll see..

And lastly, speaking of Halloween and awesome friends, Lisa gave me this book over the weekend.
I'm so excited to start testing recipes for my Halloween party (which is coming up way too soon! I need to do some planning!)

Monday, October 3, 2011


Three things I should own, but don't..

1. A hairbrush. For many, many years I've always had short hair. A comb was all that was needed. Now my hair is actually getting a bit of length to it I really should be brushing it. I assume. Although you can't backcomb an awesome beehive with a brush. Just sayin'.

2. A car. I really want one, and kinda need one. Mainly for adventures. Also for boring errands. This green cadillac would be perfect. It's pretty and the gets a shout out in one of my favourite Beastie Boys songs.

3. An adult wallet. I think it's been about a year since I've had a grown-up wallet. When my old one died I put the necessities in this cute little coin purse I bought in Japan and because it's so handy I never got around to getting a proper one. It's actually quite good. I'm a hoarder, so the size forces me to only put the necessities in there and it fits in cute little clutches. Plus it reminds Godzilla of home.

I didn't end up making it to the suitcase rummage because mum and dad hung around for so long (that wasn't a complaint.. it was lovely to see them!), so I'm going to have to go gift shopping this week for Miss Amy. I also need to find the perfect time to dye my hair. Because I dye it red it tends to bleed all over my bathroom for the first few washes, so I need to time it perfectly so it's still bright red for the weekend, but washed out enough that I don't ruin my wonderful host's bathroom. The dillemas of being a girl..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Messin' With The Kid

Yay I'm on holidays! I've got a couple of weeks off work and I plan to have a very productive time.. although in all honesty I'll probably just read True Blood books and bake.

I rarely get weekends off, so tomorrow I'm going to be celebrating one of the only times I can sleep in on a Sunday by getting up nice and early and heading to the farmer's markets down the road. I'll just sleep in on Monday instead. It's totally worth it for the sourdough baguettes and fresh strawberries. Mum and Dad will be coming over to visit me for lunch, so I'll have to find something delicious (and simple for Mr. Picky a.k.a. Dad) to whip up. Mum said she'll be bringing over all her Halloween decorations for me to sort through, so I'm totally excited for that! Then if I have time (and I really hope I do!) I'll be off to suitcase rummage in the afternoon. I'm hoping to pick up a cute gift for my friend Amy who I'll be visiting next weekend in Melbourne. And hopefully some early Christmas shopping as well, since it's rare that I have a day off to make the rummage.

Thought I'd finish off with one of the pieces that didn't make the final cut for the exhibition. I really liked this closeup version, but Joff insisted that I use a different one (and his tastes must be pretty good, because it was one of the first ones to sell).

I promise to get around to putting up all the pictures from the exhibition soon. I just keep finding more exciting things to think about. For me, once something is over it tends to just fall out of my mind to make room for new, more fun things.

Alice's Cakes (version 2)