Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silver Screen

ANOTHER music challenge. Thanks Morgan. This time we've got the top ten songs from movies, and it is on like donkey kong.

Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man - Public Enemy (Three Kings)

Hilarious underrated movie. One of the best bits is where Marky Mark is dancing around to Public Enemy.
Your mother got gold nipples.

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant (Pineapple Express)

I'd been rocking out to this gem for many years after receiving a CD card with songs from the year of my birth one year from my uncle. Then I saw Pineapple Express and realised I might not be the only person who likes this song. Not long after, it was playing when I was on some bumper cars and of course I had to drive past everyone saying "yeah, Electric Avenue!"

White Lines - Grandmaster Flash (Shaun of the Dead)

We've all done the Shaun and Ed thing of singing this while walking home from the pub. With or without zombie backup singers. You all sniff when you sing along, right?
Another song that's proving that I was born in the year of awesome music.

Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel (Reservoir Dogs)
You're listening to K Billy's super sounds of the 70s. This is possibly the best use of a soundtrack I've ever seen. Michael Madsen is so rad.

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler (Beaches)

Oh, the tears!

You've Lost That Loving Feeling - The Righteous Brothers (Top Gun)
That's right, I chose this one over Kenny Loggins. I once serenaded a kid in a McDonald's drive thru with this. He didn't give me a free frozen coke.

Bye Bye Blackbird - Joe Cocker (Sleepless in Seattle)

Just lovely.

Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi (Young Guns II)

Bon Jovi AND Emilo Estevez. Surely I'm winning now guys?

No Matter What - Badfinger (Now and Then)

Pretty much the whole Now and Then soundtrack is amazing. Every girl around my age loved that movie and as a result loved 70s music. We really need another movie like this for the current generation so they can appreciate quality like this.

You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oates (The Wedding Singer, but made cool by 500 Days of Summer)

Bonus track that probably should have been on the guilty pleasures list:
Men In Black - Will Smith (Men In Black)

Seriously, I love this. I used to do the dance. Oh yeah.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Head Held High

What a sad day. Since I've packed up nearly every unnecessary thing, it's finally time for Godzilla, Ivan and Ernie to jump in a box that I'll hopefully find within the next few months. 
Bye dudes!

Free At Last

Photo Friday: Inner City

Monday, February 27, 2012

Guilty pleasures to the max

So the music challenge is on again. I blame Morgan. She inspires me. And by inspires I mean makes it really easy to pick on her music choices, so it was only fair to show my super daggy side. This time it's ten guilty pleasures. Not that I feel guilty for liking any of these (obviously I have impeccable taste), but I feel that cool* people would probably judge quite a bit.

*hipster dickheads
 Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

Here's a truth bomb for you. I have a Whitesnake shirt that I wear unironically. And while we're talking about guilty pleasures... I got the shirt from KMart.

We Built This City by Starship

Time Of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

This might have more to do with Patrick Swayze rather than the actual song. I will still listen to it over and over though.

Stay (Faraway, So Close) by U2

I am a closeted U2 fan. I just threw out eight U2 shirts because I'm too ashamed to wear them in public, and one can only have so many bed shirts. I flew down to Sydney for one day just to camp out to see them about five years ago. This was after I'd already seen them in Brisbane, but I ended up too far back because I couldn't get out of work that day. Sydney was much better. I made friends with people in line and we held each other's places when we needed to eat and pee. We laughed together at the losers who turned up late thinking they'd get a good spot. We exchanged email addresses that we never used. We speed walked to the stage because there were signs that said 'no running'. Then I lost them and found new friends. These friends bought a total stranger dinner and got up and danced to Kanye with me even though they didn't like him. In the front row. Totally worth it.

Kokomo by The Beach Boys

Yes, The Beach Boys wrote some awesome songs. I've been told this isn't one of them. I refuse to listen to those haters, though. This one might be awesome because it does have good memories attached to it. It was obviously a hit because of Tom Cruise's amazing cocktail skills, and because of this it was always playing on the radio in our house when I was a kid. Because we were a top 40 non-hipster family, thank you very much.
I also had this weird ass video called Trollies where these creepy little troll dolls would sing covers of popular songs. I might have had a huge collection of troll dolls, so that video was on constant rotation.

Make Me Lose Control by Eric Carmen

I thought that was Tina Turner at the start. Never mind. "Rock" on.

Livin' On The Edge by Aerosmith

Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn

I went walking in Memphis. I was the only idiot out on the street. People were driving past me looking at me like I was a freak. I'm pretty sure I walked past a statue of one of Forrest Gump's ancestors. I bought apples and donuts at a place called Piggly Wiggly. I pissed off about twenty people waiting behind me in a line as I tried (unsuccessfully) to get my paycheques cashed. I had dinner at 4pm because I was scared to go out alone after dark.

Nobody walks in Memphis.

Like a Prayer by Madonna

I really hate Madonna. But this is the one song I will not only allow, but sing along to when very drunk. And I encourage everyone to get all handclappy and and swaying with me in the gospel bit.

Hot Blooded by Foreigner

It was so hard for me to pick just one Foreigner song, but I think Hot Blooded is probably the most fun.
Foreigner might have saved me one particular night when I was in charge of organising a talent night skit. I had three unmotivated adult campers, but the knowledge that one of them loved Foreigner as much as me, and a best of CD in my bag. Our portion of the night pretty much consisted of me dancing and miming hardcore to Cold as Ice with with three people unenthusiastically swaying behind me. Good times. 

Also, there's the Foreigner belt:

And a bonus track that I'm totally not even slightly guilty about because it's just amazing:

Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ricky's Theme

Blog neglect has been happening a bit lately due to househunting, sorry. But  I've finally found somewhere to live, so I'm back - for that small period of time between now and when I have to move the mountains of crap I've accumulated over all these years.
It's going to be a bit of another lazy music post I'm afraid. I've had very limited TV lately, and because I'm so cool and social, I've been making up for it by watching a lot of youtube videos. This time, it's ten awesome covers. Full disclosure: I've omitted quite a few faves purely because they have a crappy quality (or no) video. That should cover (zing!) me.

Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor

Firstly, it pains me to have to write to you as 2 U, but maybe we can blame Prince for that. I don't really want to like Sinead O'Connor. She seems a bit intense for me, BUT she totally owns this song. It takes guts to lip sync that shit straight down the camera. And she manages to do it without looking like a loser.

Llorando by Rebekah del Rio

So Sinead wasn't tear enducing enough for you? Try this one.
I thought Cryin by Roy Orbison was the perfect song to sing along to on a Friday night when you've decided to put your pyjamas on and  be a little bit drunk and depressed. Then I saw Mulholland Drive.

 Jolene by The White Stripes

Know who I love more than Dolly Parton? Jack White. 

Bennie and the Jets by Biz Markie

Ah, Biz. Do you know what I would give to have your life? This version is actually pretty well done by Biz. The one I usually listen to came on a Beastie Boys CD and he's forgotten most of the lyrics and sounds terrible.. which just makes him sound even better. 

Valerie by Amy Winehouse

Seriously, Glee need to stop poaching good songs. In other news, my hair is bigger than that of all those girls. Put together. Try harder with the beehives.

Bohemian Rhapsody by The Flaming Lips

This just seems like ridiculous amounts of fun. And is there a more complicated song in the world that everyone knows every single word to?

Handbags and Gladrags by Stereophonics

As much as I love The Office, just try to forget about that for a second while you enjoy this one. While you're there, try to ignore the weird scarves over the lampshades thing. Forgive us kids, the turn of the century was a wacky time (I liked football!).

Oh Sister by Anderw Bird & Nora O'Connor

Dylan covers are always great because he writes such beautiful songs, but sings a bit like me when I'm drunk. You should totally buy me a beer or six and get me to do a bit of Subterranean Homesick Blues. 

Cats in the Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe

Not the greatest, I'll admit, but it's all about the memories. It was Christmas, I was camping at Coolum with extended family, and I got the best Christmas present ever - The Best of '92 (on cassette of course). Alongside Ugly Kid Joe it featured such gems as Stay by Shakespear's Sister, Dizzy by Vic Reeves, To Be With You by Mr Big, Let's Talk ABout Sex by Salt n Pepa (which I always fast forwarded when in range of my parents because I did not want them to talk about sex), Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the piece de resistance, Marvelous by the 12th Man. You have no idea how much a 9 year old girl couldn't care less about cricket. But because that was my absolute favourite album ever (and it's really hard to skip songs on a tape) I learnt every single word. From the Gabba to the WACA, to MCG it doesn't matter, where you're from... oh shit how do I still know the words?
Anway, Cats in the Cradle. It was the first time I heard my Dad use the phrase "that's a bloody rip off". Oh Dad, you're so uncool. You don't even understand my cricket rapping. Now, 20 years later it's come full circle and I sound just like my Dad when I hear shitty covers by tweeny pop stars of what used to be cool songs. If only I was a guy. Then we could have some irony Dad!

 Optimist vs The Silent Alarm by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Technically not a cover, but I don't care. My rules.

And a bonus track for the jerk who isn't Steve Martin:

Common People by William Shatner

Now, I have to go watch blurry 30 Rock on one of the only semi-working channels on my TV. Peace!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten Songs I Wish I'd Written

These aren't going to be the obvious ones. I mean, we all wish we'd written Imagine and Stairway to Heaven. Some of these might not even be that great. The prerequisites for these songs is that the best way to listen to them is late at night. At full volume while driving around alone in your car. Imagining that you're on a stage. Hitting all those high notes in your mind, but in reality sounding like a dying cat. These are the songs that I wish were mine not necessarily because they're brilliant songs, but because I fantasise about rocking the shit out of them with my imaginary band.

Dirty Hearts by Dallas Crane

I love everything about these guys. I remember seeing them a few (maybe more) years ago at The Zoo and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. That's saying a lot, because I saw Bryan Adams when I was 12 and thought nothing could possibly be better. Sadly they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The last time I "saw" them was when I was doing my usual late night channel flicking and there they were on my TV. I got very excited, but when they finished I discovered I was watching The Footy Show. I've never been more disappointed.

The Honeymoon is Over by The Cruel Sea

I've had the chance to see Tex not once, but twice and bailed both times. Not quite sure what was wrong with me. Listen to that voice. He is number two in the sexy voice competition. Joe Cocker is number one,  but Tex wins on a technicality because Joe Cocker's face doesn't allow him to win, no matter how much you tell yourself you don't have to look at him when he's singing.

Valerie by The Zutons

Amy Winehouse did a pretty awesome cover of this. Glee did not. Glee ruins everything.

Knockers by The Darkness

I believe in a thing called love? No. Do yourself a favour and play this one over and over. Because I LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE WITH YOUR HAIR! I was so sad when I found out they were no more. I really thought glam was making an awesome comeback.

The Truth About Love by David McCormack & The Polaroids

 So after Bryan Adams introduced me to the wonderful world of live music, the second concert I went to was (and I'm showing my age here) The Presidents of the United States of America (also known as PUSA because that is a bitch to type). PUSA were cool and all, but we're not talking about Peaches here. Custard were the support act, which is where Mr McCormack started out. I wasn't that big on Custard, but when I went to see Tenacious D many years later and found out that this guy was supporting, I got super excited. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit of a weird mix of bands for most of the audience (like that time I saw Kiss supported by Machine Gun Fellatio). Anyway, that story didn't really go anywhere. Enjoy this beautiful modern non-lame power ballad.

I Meant Something To You Once  by Mia Dyson

I found this gem from a free iTunes download. It starts out a bit slow, but stick with it. Everytime I hear it I wish I had a guitar and some talent.

Common People by Pulp

The first time I saw Jarvis Cocker I literally had to run to the show from work because I couldn't get out of a function (if you've ever seen me run, this should amuse you). I was stuck up the back with old hipsters (they exist) who all thought my black glasses were part of my "outfit", rather than a device I wear to keep me from walking into poles and falling down stairs. The second time I saw him was at Waterloo station in London. I was with my friend Kara who had no idea what I was talking about when I kept whispering "there's Jarvis Cocker!". He was dressed like a pimp. A tall, skinny, white, glasses wearing pimp. He was accompanyed by an equally tall 70s clad woman. Kara still had no idea who I was pointing at.
This song has always been my number one choice for karaoke due to the fact that I know all the words and you can get away with speaking it Shatner-style. Unfortunately, most karaoke joints haven't wisened up to this gem and I usually have to throw down some Bon Jovi instead.

Falling Aeroplanes by Darren Hanlon

I have nothing to say about this one. It's perfect as it is.

Get It Together by Beastie Boys (and Q Tip!)

It's hard for me to pick just one Beastie Boys song. There's many a night I dance around pretending to be in a white boy rap band. This one gets props for the shout out to Biz Markie, Ma Bell and the romantic line of "she's the cheese and I'm the macaroni". And often times I will just bust out with "1-2 oh my god!"
Also, lets not forget that this gem manages to rhyme rhythm with jism without batting an eyelid.

How You Like Me Now? by The Heavy

I'm ashamed to admit that I was late to discover these guys. Like, I had to find them on a True Blood soundtrack. That late.

And because bonus tracks are fun:
Everlasting Light by The Black Keys

Feel free to judge me and add your own faves.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Step Ahead

 On Friday night I went to the Papergirl Brisbane exhibition. It was only up for one night due to the nature of the project, which was kind of a pity. There was so much great art to see and it took a fair few laps of the gallery to really take it all in. I saw lots of pieces I'd like to buy as well, but that's just not how this show worked.

I did freak out a bit when I first arrived because I was confronted with all the stuff I submitted, right in the front door. Since I didn't get time to make anything new I was hoping it would have been already rolled up and ready to go so I didn't have to be reminded of my laziness :) I wasn't even sure my stuff would make it since I only sent it in on Wednesday!

Unfortunately I had to work on Saturday so I couldn't join in the bike ride, but I can't wait to see how it all went. Hopefully everyone was happy with what they ended up with!

Bird Girl

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long Way From Home

I'm back from a (long) weekend in Sydney. The weather and the company was wonderful. Although I mainly took film cameras, you should still be prepared for photo overload. It's what I do.

 Camera bag packed and ready to go.

 My flight there was cancelled, and then the replacement one I got put on kept getting delayed. All of this I could handle. It was when I got to my seat that I nearly cried. I get claustrophobic really easily, but I still asked for a window seat because I feel a bit better when I can look out and see all of the sky outside. I managed to get seated in the only "window" seat without a window. That bit of the wall also comes in about an inch or two further than what the window would. Add to that the annoying child that was next to me, and it was not a pleasant flight.

 The Grace Hotel, where we stayed.

 It was a gorgeous art deco style hotel with beautiful features. Just don't order the room service. Even if The Witches of Eastwick comes on the TV at lunchtime and you just CAN'T leave because you need to know what happens. Also, don't put a toy dinosaur under your roommate's pillow. She will freak out. Especially if you leave the tail hanging out.

 Apparently in Sydney the all day breakfast is unknown. We tried a few places at 12 and were told by many that we were too late for breakfast. This one place was nice enough to accomodate two ladies on Brisbane and Perth time who couldn't stomach lunch yet.

 Off to check out some art at the Art Gallery of NSW. I actually preferred the works from the collection to the Picasso exhibition that we'd paid to see.

 This is my worst fear when I'm at work. 

 Might have bought some $5 gold shoes because I didn't pack my comfy walking boots.

 We had this table at work I think for the 21st Century exhibition (all the exhibitions kind of blend together in my mind). The carving is amazing, but when it was on display in Brisbane there was no photography. No such rules here, so I snapped away.

 My cubist sculpture. I'll always find the kids activities :)

 At one point we made a plan to see this, but unfortunately didn't get around to it because we'd just jammed too much into our weekend. Bummer! If anyone has seen it/has plans to see it.. please let me know about it!

 This was meant to be a little afternoon snack. I still can't get over the size of that lemon merengue pie.

 I think we did pretty well.

 This is why girls with fake red hair don't have white towels.

 Some birthday celebrations at the Belgian Beer Cafe.

Time for some vintage shopping in Newtown.

 Unfortunately most things were either too big too take home with us, or out of our pricerange.

 Time for a retro birthday party! Do you remember making those chains? In my memory they were fun and quick to make. In reality they take about the same time as a crappy Amanda Bynes movie to make just one chain.

 I had to steal thses couple of pictures from my friend Kim's facebook, because yeah, only had a film camera with me.

 Smoking lolly Fads with a fake Rock of Ages lighter. Classy. Note my cool tie. I won that because I was the winner of the music quiz (which only one other person bothered to play). I probably should have worn it as a belt since the muu muu wasn't very flattering (I LOVE the fabric though).

 The Instax were a big hit. Only probloem was that I left the photos on the wall with the donkey, so I can't scan them.

 The Rafael Lozano-Hemmer exhibition at the MCA was brilliant. My photos don't really do it any justice, but if you're in the area, go see it!

 On the way home I snagged a window seat AND an empty seat next to me. Score!

And it's back to work and reality tomorrow..