Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silver Screen

ANOTHER music challenge. Thanks Morgan. This time we've got the top ten songs from movies, and it is on like donkey kong.

Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man - Public Enemy (Three Kings)

Hilarious underrated movie. One of the best bits is where Marky Mark is dancing around to Public Enemy.
Your mother got gold nipples.

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant (Pineapple Express)

I'd been rocking out to this gem for many years after receiving a CD card with songs from the year of my birth one year from my uncle. Then I saw Pineapple Express and realised I might not be the only person who likes this song. Not long after, it was playing when I was on some bumper cars and of course I had to drive past everyone saying "yeah, Electric Avenue!"

White Lines - Grandmaster Flash (Shaun of the Dead)

We've all done the Shaun and Ed thing of singing this while walking home from the pub. With or without zombie backup singers. You all sniff when you sing along, right?
Another song that's proving that I was born in the year of awesome music.

Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel (Reservoir Dogs)
You're listening to K Billy's super sounds of the 70s. This is possibly the best use of a soundtrack I've ever seen. Michael Madsen is so rad.

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler (Beaches)

Oh, the tears!

You've Lost That Loving Feeling - The Righteous Brothers (Top Gun)
That's right, I chose this one over Kenny Loggins. I once serenaded a kid in a McDonald's drive thru with this. He didn't give me a free frozen coke.

Bye Bye Blackbird - Joe Cocker (Sleepless in Seattle)

Just lovely.

Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi (Young Guns II)

Bon Jovi AND Emilo Estevez. Surely I'm winning now guys?

No Matter What - Badfinger (Now and Then)

Pretty much the whole Now and Then soundtrack is amazing. Every girl around my age loved that movie and as a result loved 70s music. We really need another movie like this for the current generation so they can appreciate quality like this.

You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oates (The Wedding Singer, but made cool by 500 Days of Summer)

Bonus track that probably should have been on the guilty pleasures list:
Men In Black - Will Smith (Men In Black)

Seriously, I love this. I used to do the dance. Oh yeah.

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  1. Ok,
    I know this has been a while coming but you'll be fine. I'm going to work backwards...

    Men in Black? Golden. It was on my list but got bumped for something, I don't remember which though. There is no shame in that dance Kerryn, no shame at all (you might bust it out at work with me one day...challenge?)

    Great song, but the fact that it reminds me of 100 days of summer though, which reminds me of a certain dickface ex boyfriend which makes me not like it so much..

    I loved that movie Now and Then, when it came out my friend had a sleepover for her birthday purely to watch it. Best sleepover movie for 12 year olds, a perfect mix of a little scary, rebellious and girly awesomeness.

    You've won me Lane, nothing beats Bon Jovi and Emilio...NOTHING!

    I must say I don't really care for Sleepless in Seattle but I do like this song and I like the idea of going to Seattle at some point in my life, so i'll let you have this one.

    Top Gun = one of the greatest movies ever + this song, possibly the greatest serenade in a movie ever and you know what, I've seen my Grandma sing the Righteous Brothers on singstar and I will never forget that. Gold stars all round on this one missy!

    It's Bette Midler, and I know did a few border line crap movies but I feel like I love her more for them. First Wives Club, Hocus Pocus? Come on! I do have to stop listening to this song though before there are for real tears.

    Stuck in the middle with awesome.

    Right so I don't know what all that Grandmaster Flash business was all about, all I could think about the entire time I watched that was when we had that Grandmaster Flash video work in 2.1, when we had that crazy drag queen robot.

    I liked pineapple express but didn't realise what this song was until I played it. Nice one.

    What's with the giant clock necklace thing? And the giant dancing clock? Also, this movie was rubbish. Fail Kerryn, fail.

    Overall though, BIG thumbs up and high fives all round!!