Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ricky's Theme

Blog neglect has been happening a bit lately due to househunting, sorry. But  I've finally found somewhere to live, so I'm back - for that small period of time between now and when I have to move the mountains of crap I've accumulated over all these years.
It's going to be a bit of another lazy music post I'm afraid. I've had very limited TV lately, and because I'm so cool and social, I've been making up for it by watching a lot of youtube videos. This time, it's ten awesome covers. Full disclosure: I've omitted quite a few faves purely because they have a crappy quality (or no) video. That should cover (zing!) me.

Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor

Firstly, it pains me to have to write to you as 2 U, but maybe we can blame Prince for that. I don't really want to like Sinead O'Connor. She seems a bit intense for me, BUT she totally owns this song. It takes guts to lip sync that shit straight down the camera. And she manages to do it without looking like a loser.

Llorando by Rebekah del Rio

So Sinead wasn't tear enducing enough for you? Try this one.
I thought Cryin by Roy Orbison was the perfect song to sing along to on a Friday night when you've decided to put your pyjamas on and  be a little bit drunk and depressed. Then I saw Mulholland Drive.

 Jolene by The White Stripes

Know who I love more than Dolly Parton? Jack White. 

Bennie and the Jets by Biz Markie

Ah, Biz. Do you know what I would give to have your life? This version is actually pretty well done by Biz. The one I usually listen to came on a Beastie Boys CD and he's forgotten most of the lyrics and sounds terrible.. which just makes him sound even better. 

Valerie by Amy Winehouse

Seriously, Glee need to stop poaching good songs. In other news, my hair is bigger than that of all those girls. Put together. Try harder with the beehives.

Bohemian Rhapsody by The Flaming Lips

This just seems like ridiculous amounts of fun. And is there a more complicated song in the world that everyone knows every single word to?

Handbags and Gladrags by Stereophonics

As much as I love The Office, just try to forget about that for a second while you enjoy this one. While you're there, try to ignore the weird scarves over the lampshades thing. Forgive us kids, the turn of the century was a wacky time (I liked football!).

Oh Sister by Anderw Bird & Nora O'Connor

Dylan covers are always great because he writes such beautiful songs, but sings a bit like me when I'm drunk. You should totally buy me a beer or six and get me to do a bit of Subterranean Homesick Blues. 

Cats in the Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe

Not the greatest, I'll admit, but it's all about the memories. It was Christmas, I was camping at Coolum with extended family, and I got the best Christmas present ever - The Best of '92 (on cassette of course). Alongside Ugly Kid Joe it featured such gems as Stay by Shakespear's Sister, Dizzy by Vic Reeves, To Be With You by Mr Big, Let's Talk ABout Sex by Salt n Pepa (which I always fast forwarded when in range of my parents because I did not want them to talk about sex), Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the piece de resistance, Marvelous by the 12th Man. You have no idea how much a 9 year old girl couldn't care less about cricket. But because that was my absolute favourite album ever (and it's really hard to skip songs on a tape) I learnt every single word. From the Gabba to the WACA, to MCG it doesn't matter, where you're from... oh shit how do I still know the words?
Anway, Cats in the Cradle. It was the first time I heard my Dad use the phrase "that's a bloody rip off". Oh Dad, you're so uncool. You don't even understand my cricket rapping. Now, 20 years later it's come full circle and I sound just like my Dad when I hear shitty covers by tweeny pop stars of what used to be cool songs. If only I was a guy. Then we could have some irony Dad!

 Optimist vs The Silent Alarm by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Technically not a cover, but I don't care. My rules.

And a bonus track for the jerk who isn't Steve Martin:

Common People by William Shatner

Now, I have to go watch blurry 30 Rock on one of the only semi-working channels on my TV. Peace!

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  1. Brosef, I'm totally almost tearing up over that best of '92 mix. I HAD THAT TAPE!!!! Shakespeares Sister! "Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy wiiiiittttttthhhhhh mmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eheeeeeeeeeeee". And Marvellous! "Hey hey you two, now it really doesn't matter, look no one gives a stuff if big Merv's a little fatter". Good times Kerryn.