Saturday, October 1, 2011

Messin' With The Kid

Yay I'm on holidays! I've got a couple of weeks off work and I plan to have a very productive time.. although in all honesty I'll probably just read True Blood books and bake.

I rarely get weekends off, so tomorrow I'm going to be celebrating one of the only times I can sleep in on a Sunday by getting up nice and early and heading to the farmer's markets down the road. I'll just sleep in on Monday instead. It's totally worth it for the sourdough baguettes and fresh strawberries. Mum and Dad will be coming over to visit me for lunch, so I'll have to find something delicious (and simple for Mr. Picky a.k.a. Dad) to whip up. Mum said she'll be bringing over all her Halloween decorations for me to sort through, so I'm totally excited for that! Then if I have time (and I really hope I do!) I'll be off to suitcase rummage in the afternoon. I'm hoping to pick up a cute gift for my friend Amy who I'll be visiting next weekend in Melbourne. And hopefully some early Christmas shopping as well, since it's rare that I have a day off to make the rummage.

Thought I'd finish off with one of the pieces that didn't make the final cut for the exhibition. I really liked this closeup version, but Joff insisted that I use a different one (and his tastes must be pretty good, because it was one of the first ones to sell).

I promise to get around to putting up all the pictures from the exhibition soon. I just keep finding more exciting things to think about. For me, once something is over it tends to just fall out of my mind to make room for new, more fun things.

Alice's Cakes (version 2)

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