Thursday, September 15, 2011


Back to work today after a far too short "weekend". Yesterday was a bit of a kid-adult day. Spent about 20 minutes too long in the shower because the water droplets were sitting on my arm in the most dinosaur skin like fashion. Roared around in my shower like a child. Felt guilty for about three seconds, but then realised I was an adult and I was the one paying the bills, so I could stay in the shower for as long as I wanted (water restrictions be damned!).

I decided that because I'm an adult I'm allowed to have whatever I want for breakfast.

So I went with the breakfast of champions.

For lunch I went with the child friendly mac & cheese with a beer on the side. It was, after all, my Sunday afternoon. My local supermarket (or, god forbid, the manufacturer) has discontinued the dinosaur mac & cheese that is my hangover friend and its quite distressing. Regular mac & cheese just doesn't taste the same.

I really need to go to bed, but have some baking to do for tomorrow. 11pm on a Thursday night means that Betty comes to the rescue.

I'm planning a super dooper Halloween party (already) and I am sooo excited. I've already got my costume sorted and I get to spend a month looking at decorations and recipes. I needed something to keep me busy now that stupid exhibition is finished.

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