Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For Reasons Unknown

This isn't what I'd call a productive day. It's insanely hot today, and luckily enough I didn't have to go into work. The gallery is usually freezing and I wear a jumper year round when I'm at work, but the thought of walking to and from train stations was a bit disgusting. So I've been hiding out at home with the AC blasting. I've only gone outside twice, for boring things like hanging washing out and collecting the mail.

It's one of my best buddies birthdays at the end of the month, and I was hoping the mailbox might contain the presents I've ordered for her, but no luck. Although I did get an awesome surprise postcard from said buddy. It made me smile so much. It was from a silly little place we stopped at on a roadtrip many years ago. When I saw the date on this photo, it was hard to believe it was SIX years ago!

Other awesome mail this week included Picasso tickets. Considering that I spend ALL day looking at art, I'm actually pretty excited for this. To be honest, I think I'm more excited about a trip to Sydney, seeing different art (most exhibitions stay up for at least three months... it's easy to get bored with it), and having mad chats with my awesome arty buddy and Sydney hotel-mate.

So it's been a super lazy day. But, I did manage to order some film (waaay too much), so there will be ridiculous amounts of photos happening in Sydney. Hooray! My poor digital cameras have been neglected lately. I forgot how much fun it is to take a picture and actually have to wait before you can see it.

Still can't give up the good old iPhone though ;)

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