Monday, July 2, 2012

Rave On

Firstly, please forgive the awful iPhone pictures. Last night was a night of Instax. That's just how I roll. Also, Mum insisted on lots of instant photos for her caravan. Why? Because her, my dad and their best friends leave today for their epic indefinite road trip. They've packed up their house and put everything in storage, rented out their home, and are now on the road. I'm so happy and proud of them for having the guts to do this, but its also a bit sad, although they will be back home briefly in October, and that's not too far away. I will admit to being super jealous as one of their first stops, as they're heading to western Queensland to check out the dinosaur fields. Kinda wished I'd organised time off work to meet them for that one. Although Mum is probably the one person in the world who takes more photos than me, so I'm sure I won't be missing out on anything if I just check her Facebook ;)

Me and my brothers are finally all grown up, so its time for them to go and have their own adventures. Bon Voyage cool parents!

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