Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Andy, You're a Star

I'll admit it, I'm a Masterchef junkie. The combination of cooking AND  the fake drama of reality TV? I'm hooked. For the last few months (yeah, I've neglected all aspects of a social life for that long) I've been rushing home in time to watch every night at 7pm.. and sometimes repeats on Saturday nights.. because apparently reality TV is better the second time around. I managed to get my housemates into it as well - or maybe they just saw the addiction in my eyes and were too scared to change the channel. Our favourite thing to do as we're eating our frozen dinners and microwave mug cakes (apart from mocking Alice's outfits and George's 'alegant' pronunciation) is gush over the beautiful bromance between Ben and Andy. And now that (dun dun dun.. spoiler for the west coasters) Andy is the winner I'm pretty sure he's going to have to spend his winnings on a beautiful Ben/Andy wedding. Or at least a joint cooking show where we can watch the cuteness and the cooking on a regular basis. 

Now.. back to having a social life. Or not. Masterchef All Stars starts tomorrow night ;)

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