Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love Breakfast!

Breakfast is absolutely the best meal of the day. There's coffee, bacon is usually involved, and if you have a sweet tooth, you're allowed to have something sugary and chocolatey without being judged. Try that at lunchtime. Not to mention breakfast is the only meal where its socially acceptable to sit in a fancy restaurant alone with a good book. 

There are a billion (well, a lot) of amazing breakfast places around town and since I tend to try a new one every week or so, I thought I'd share what I've found. And gloat about all the bacon I'm eating. I thought I'd start out with Egg, which is a favourite not only because of the amazing food, but because it is about a 20 second walk from my house. This is a big selling point when you just got out of bed and are desperate for caffeine (and bacon).

 My drink of choice.. mocha deliciousness.

 Eggs Florentine. With a side of bacon, of course. Gotta love runny eggs with loads of pepper.

I'm a responsible adult. I didn't get chocolate in my second coffee.


  1. breakfast is the best meal of the day for sure!