Saturday, June 30, 2012

Take It All

Happy halfway through 2012! Six months in, I thought it would be a good time to check how I'm going with my New Year's resolutions. I must be super motivated this year. That, or I just made them far too easy. So how have i been going...?

Blog at least every time I have days off.
Well, I tried. Then I moved and couldn't get the internet to connect at my new house. But I just got a new computer and am fully connected (through my phone, anyway), so look out!

Work on an artwork at least every time I have days off.
I'll admit I've been a bit lazy with this one, doing it every couple of weeks or so, which is better than nothing. I have a group exhibition coming up in August, though, so shit is about to get real. Art will be worked on not only on days off, but well into the early hours of the morning when I have work the next day.

Photo a day.
I've really been getting into the photo a day thing. Instagram makes it pretty easy to do this, but most of my photos there are of dinosaurs and food (my username is raptorsnelling if you're into that kind of thing). Just before the start of the year I got myself an app called Photo365, and every day I've been uploading a picture that kind of sums up my day. Unlike a lot of people's photo a day projects, I love that this one is private. Knowing that I don't have to share the pictures with anyone (although the app does give you the option to share if you like) means that I can be honest when I describe my day with a picture - so there's plenty of awful days along with the good ones. And you can set a reminder so that you don't fail at your resolutions ;)

Go to Perth.
Done and done! Stay tuned because I took a billion photos.

Make an effort to do more PROPER exercise.
For once, I actually followed through with the exercise thing. To be fair, moving house has made all the difference. It's now possible for me to walk to work every day, and even when I'm not working, I just find that it's a nicer place to wander around and explore. Also, my new housemates are the type of people who own gym equipment and I am the childish person who can't help but play around on the cross trainer on my way to the laundry. I'm also fairly sure that I'll get lazy when summer comes around. I hate being hot and sweaty.

Try a new recipe every month.
Nope. I've been super slack with this one. Must try harder.

Drink more water.
After I wrote that I filled up my cup with water rather than putting the kettle on for yet another cup of tea. Baby steps, people.

Send more mail and email.
No. I suck at this.

Make a dedicated studio/creative space when I move.
Slowly getting there. If I make a promise that I have to take pictures of it, surely that'll inspire me to finish it off and tidy up.

Not too bad an effort. Did you keep any resolutions, or did you wake up on January 1st in a pile of vomit regretting your life choices?

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