Thursday, December 29, 2011

Always On My Mind

Most days I love my job. Today was not one of those days. On the upside, though, it does provide for some amazing people watching opportunities.

Today I witnessed:

A girl who looked 50, but upon closer inspection I decided she was about 16.

A guy with fabulous Tim Burton hair.

A nice young man pushing his grandmother around lovingly in a wheelchair.

A face that I thought I recognised, then realised that the person just has a really generic face. Then I felt bad.

A young girl in a gorgeous vintage dress. Then I saw her mother and understood how the child was dressed so beautifully.

What appear to be in fashion at the moment: short shorts, mullet skirts, bright suede platform sandals (love!), and lots of tattoos.

Also the obligatory kids: bored kids, hyperactive kids, well behaved kids, and kids that make me want to wish infertility upon everyone.

I also had a massive ideas explosion at about 3.37pm(ish). All I could think about was an artwork I wanted to make for the upcoming exhibition with my work peeps (which isn't until August, but they're starting to organise already... OMG!). It's fairly simple, but it will require me to start up another blog or website... probably a blog... I'm totally not talented enough for a website. The only thing is, because of the nature of it, I won't be able to sell it. And I'm pretty sure nobody would want to buy it anyway. Not that this worries me, but it was nice last year to get a little bit of money back to cover gallery costs, materials, and the ridiculous amount of M&Ms I bought. It's also fairly small and portable, which is much better than the sculpture idea I had because I need to move house in a month or so. The thought of packing up all the ridiculous amounts of crap that I own PLUS some half done sculptures was not a pleasant one.

OK, time to go pull my potato bake out of the oven and then try and fit a Maxibon in somewhere. I've got to do all this crazy eating before those healthy new year's resolutions start.

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