Sunday, May 12, 2013

Berlin so far

Well this picture sums up my experiences in Berlin so far. Ok, maybe not, but I do spend what feels like an annoying amount of time looking for a toilet, figuring out how the vending machine style toilet works, or just being angry that it costs me 50c to pee. This is a big deal when I'm drinking super cheap beer all day and I come from the land of free toilets for all. 

Bodily functions aside, this place just continues to amaze. The history nerd in me can't get enough.. going to a different (usually super depressing) museum every day, while walking around talking in all the street art. I haven't even been to a proper gallery yet. The stuff on the outdoor walls is so brilliant that I'm worried I'll be disappointed when I get inside and see didactics and security guards. 

I've been staring wistfully at everyone riding their bikes, thinking that I should buy or rent one. But then I remember that no matter how flat the city is, I have absolutely no sense of direction and would probably cause an accident due to me forgetting which side of the road to be on. 

It's only taken me two weeks to realise that the only people buying tickets for public transport are tourists. But I'm still such a goodie goodie that I won't ride without one. Although I haven't validated my ticket a couple of times because I have been known as a bit of a rebel. 

It's not a beautiful city, but it is fascinating, funny and inspiring. And so far people have been very understanding (and fairly amused) at my absolute piss poor German.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a beer the size of a small child with my name on it. Take care killers!

(P.S. For pictures not involving toilets I'm on instagram as @raptorsnelling)

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