Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All the things that go to make heaven and earth

A few wonderful days in Perth. I watched two of my favourite people get married. Met their favourite people, who have now joined my own list of favourite people. Carried balloons around town. Didn't cry at all during the ceremony. Didn't get sunburnt despite the heat. Went to a tiki bar. Drank far too much rum. Bought more dinosaur jewellery. Ate lots of cheese. Fell asleep watching Jurassic Park. Drank delicious cider. Went in a fun house. Ate more cheese. 

Now I'm back at home where I have to rejoin the land of work and study. And I've had to say goodbye to my brother who has moved away for work, and mum and dad who have resumed their travels after a month in Brisbane.

Bring on November.

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