Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Punk's Not Dead

What a sad day. I've finally walked a hole into my sweet, sweet converse. It's always the way. It takes forever to get them to that perfect level of comfort, and then BAM, you're starting to feel puddles on the soles of your feet. My feet have been hurting pretty badly lately, I guess because I wear shoes from the 70s, so I know I should replace them with some decent running shoes. But they're all just so ugly! To me, running shoes are on the same level as Crocs and Crumpler bags. Hideous, yet comfortable. Although Crocs don't even have the comfort thing. Yes, I bought Crocs, but I was young, I was in America, and I wasn't allowed to wear thongs. For the record, I gave them away because I was so ashamed.

Some good news, though, and to stop you thinking about the Crocs (they were black mary jane style ones because I couldn't go through with wearing the classic variety) I just booked flights to go visit one of my best buddies in Perth. Very exciting. It's kind of weird to think that I've been around the world, but haven't even been to the other side of the country. I wonder what kind of strange things they do over there, apart from watch sunsets and drink cider. 

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